For international applicants

For international applicants
(international students)

Study at Hattori, the leader of Japan’s food industry

Japan’s cooking and confectionery skills are superb and sought around the world today.
Come and learn first-rate knowledge and skills at Hattori, which is a leader in these.

Why we are chosen by international studentsThe 4 advantages of Hattori

  • Training sessions and seminars in various countries
  • Frequent collaborations with TV and media
  • First-rate instructors
  • Excellent employment record

Many international students study every year

Every year, many international students enter Hattori Academy, which fosters food creators to flourish around the world.
We have a strong follow-up structure that addresses worries such as “Will I be able to keep up with the curriculum?” and “I’m worried about finding a job in Japan” so students can feel reassured.

\17 countries/International students come from many countries to attend Hattori Academy

\We spoke with your seniors!/Comments from current students


Why I chose to enter Hattori Academy

Stacy Rika Yamazaki

Pâtissier/Boulanger Course

Graduate of St. John’s School (Guam)

I aim to become a chef because I want to make smiles with my cuisine. I attended the open campus at the recommendation of those around me. I endeavored to make a seafood rice bowl while learning how to prepare sea bream, and it was really interesting. I was also able to speak with instructors and seniors and felt eager about attending this school.


I felt reassured about studying here

Luna Were

Culinary High-tech Business Administration Department

Graduate of the Secondary School for Design and Photography, Ljubljana

I became interested in kaiseki cuisine from the perspective of design and came to Japan to study this seriously.
I remember how we actually cooked and ate cuisine during the trial enrollment, and it was very fun.
During consultation, the teacher listened to my thoughts carefully and provided lots of information. I felt I would be able to study with reassurance here and decided to attend.

Generous support for both students and alumni

Because many international students study at Hattori Academy, we have an extensive structure to support the everyday lifestyles and dilemmas of international students so they can focus on their studies and achieve their dreams.

\Study with reassurance/International student support system

Before entering the school
Enhance communication with a Japanese-language course that can be started before entering the school
After entering the school
Dedicated staff is always at the International Student Consultation Room to resolve dilemmas after starting school
Everyday classes
Skills are improved with meticulous instruction through practical culinary training
Reassurance for housing with referrals to partner dormitories for international students
Employment and visa acquisition
Extensive support for gaining employment and acquiring a visa (Specified Skilled Worker (i))

Acquire Japanese Cuisine Certification!

Acquire a Silver-Category Certification of Cooking Skills for Japanese Cuisine in Foreign Countries (by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries) (without practical experience) upon graduation!

*If Japanese cuisine is chosen in the Culinary High-tech Business Administration Department

Extensive support for the Specified Skilled Worker (i) test!

Specified Skilled Worker (i) Pass rate 100%

Admission information

Important information such as the required documents for application.
If you need additional information, please ask during open campus or individual counseling.

*All international students are required to visit the school in advance and be briefed about application documents.

Carefully check the required documentsRequired documents by visa type

Japanese citizens who have lived abroad (returnees) do not need additional documents to apply.
Foreign nationals:
Foreign nationals need additional documents to apply.
Prepare the required documents based on the chart below.
Application form Certificate of graduation Academic transcript Japanese language proficiency certificate Resume Statement of Ability to Pay Expenses Savings balance certificate or other Passport Residence card
Student visa
Special Permanent Resident visa
Permanent Resident visa
Long-Term Resident visa
Spouse or Child of Japanese National visa
Working visa
Dependent (Family stays) visa

*If you are a resident with a visa other than the above, please consult us separately.

*If you plan to change your current visa to a Student visa, you must submit the documents required for those with a Student visa.

International StudentsAdmission Information for Foreign-National Applicants

International Students

Application eligibility *Those who fulfill all of the following (1)–(4)
  1. (1) Those who have non-Japanese nationality and will be at least 18 years of age by March 31, 2025
  2. (2) Those who have completed, or are expected to complete, 12 years or more of formal education in Japan or abroad; those with a high school equivalency diploma or university qualification certificate;
    those who have completed a high school-equivalency curriculum abroad and completed preparatory education courses designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  3. (3) Those who fulfill one or more of the following five items and have the Japanese-language proficiency to understand vocational school classes
    1. Those who have studied the Japanese language for six or more months at a Japanese-language institute recognized by the Ministry of Justice *1 *2
    2. Those who have passed Level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or Level 2 of the Japanese Language Exam
    3. Those who have scored at least 200 points in the Japanese language section (total for listening, listening + reading, reading understanding) in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
    4. Those who have scored at least 400 points in the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
    5. Those who have studied at least one year at a school (excluding kindergarten) recognized in Article 1 of Japan’s School Education Act
  4. (4) Those who are able to secure funds to cover tuition and living expenses while enrolled
  • *1 Excludes the dates enrolled on a Short-Term or Designated Activities visa
  • *2 Those with a good attendance record
Application documents *In addition to the application form and fee, the following documents are required.
  1. (1) Certificate of graduation and academic transcript from last school attended in home country (*Non-English documents must have a Japanese-language translation with an embassy seal of approval)
  2. (2) Document that certifies Japanese language proficiency (*one or more of the below)
    1. Certificate of graduation or certificate of expected graduation and attendance/academic transcript from Japanese-language school
    2. Certificate of Result for Level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or Level 2 of the Japanese Language Exam
    3. Certificate of Scores indicating 200 points or higher in the Japanese language section in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
    4. Score Certificate indicating 400 points or higher in the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test
    5. School-issued certificate of having studied at least one year at a school (excluding kindergarten) recognized in Article 1 of Japan’s School Education Act
  3. (3) Statement of Ability to Pay Expenses and resume
  4. (4) Documents related to financial ability (Savings balance certificate or other *in Japanese or English)
  5. (5) Passport
  6. (6) Residence card

*(5) and (6) to be shown when submitting application. The school will make photocopies.

Foreign-national applicants (international students, etc.)

Test of Japanese proficiency

Foreign-national applicants (regardless of visa status) will take a Japanese proficiency written test at time of interview.

  • *Documents must be the original copy issued within the last six months. Photocopies not acceptable. Applications missing documents will not be accepted.
  • *The submitted application documents and fee cannot be returned.
  • *Hattori and its school personnel cannot guarantee the following.
     (1. Housing rental guarantor etc. 2. Identity guarantor 3. Contract guarantor 4. Guarantor certificate 5. Other guarantees)
  • *If the visa at time of application submission is Short-Term or Designated Activities (working holiday or other), the final interview will be Tuesday, December 3, 2024.
  • *You must apply for your visa yourself. Contact the Immigration Services Agency for details.
  • *The Certificate of Eligibility is approved by the Ministry of Justice. Hattori does not take responsibility for non-approval.
    If not approved and a Student visa is not acquired by Tuesday, March 31, 2025, you cannot enroll at Hattori.
Foreign-national applicants who wish to take the AO (general) admission test:

You must fulfill the applicant eligibility requirements when submitting the entry sheet.
You must show your passport and residence card when submitting the entry sheet. Please ask for details.

Prepare documents efficiently!Required documents & checklist

Documents required for foreign-national applicants (international students) AO (general) admission test entry / application procedures

Click the button below to see the application checklist.

Download checklist of required documents

Statement of Ability to Pay Expenses

Click the button below to see Statement of Ability to Pay Expenses.

Download Statement of Ability to Pay Expenses (sample, precautions)

Download Statement of Ability to Pay Expenses


Click the button below to see Resume

Download Resume (sample, precautions)

Download Resume

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files.
If you do not have Adobe Reader, click the button to download.
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Open Campus

We hold open campus exclusively for international students.
Come and resolve your anxieties and questions as an international student such as “I want to know about the procedure documents” and “I wonder if I can keep up with classes?”

Open campus agenda

  1. Point1 Demo, tasting
  2. Point2 School explanation
  3. Point3 Individual counseling